Here at baileys bouncers we thought that it would be easier for our customers if we had a FAQ page.

1. How do i book?

The preferred method is by calling us on ph: 1300550288 or mobile: 0449258896 alternatively you can email us or you can complete a enquiry/booking with our easy to use online booking form located on our contact us page.

2. How much notice do i need to give for a booking?

Please book your inflatable as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. you are welcome to enquire and place a inflatable on hold for a short period of time if you need to discuss with someone else prior to confirming the booking. if we haven’t received a confirmation, we will call you if we haven’t heard back from you and other parties are interested in the inflatable. alternatively, you can contact us on the day and check the availability.

3. How much does it cost?

We have a standard hire charge for delivery within 100 km radius from warragul. Additional charges begin to apply there after but please contact us for a quote. Prices may vary depending on your intended use i.e. home/business or location. Any inflatable not set up in a private residence will incur additional charges as it is compulsory that we supervise or provide a supervisor for your event. please let us know when you book Additional charges also may apply if a power source (generator) is required.

4. What do the prices include?

All inflatable booking prices include delivery, a small charge may need to be charged for out of area deliveries, (please contact us for delivery rates).
You will also receive a blower, extension lead, ground sheet and safety mat, the price also includes set up, inflation and collection.

5. What access is required?

Batman jumper/fairy princess 2 jumper/world of disney jumper/mickey park jumper/minions jumper/ninja turtles jumper/mini all stars/double track surf & slide/surf the wave 2 – 0.8 meters
bumper bouncer/army fun house/adult superdome/cars C5 combo/fairy princess C4 combo/looney tunes C4 combo/batman C4 combo/minnie mouse C4 combo/justice league C4 combo/scooby doo 5 in 1 combo/world of disney 5 in 1 combo/tropical island 5 in 1 combo/spongebob 5 in 1 combo/justice league 5 in 1 combo/18ft dual lane slide/bungee run – 0.8 – 1 meter
20ft dual lane slide/cars challenge/I xtreme challenge/army combat challenge/ultimate xtreme challenge/rock and roll/wipe out/tropical island waterslide/tiki falls waterslide – 1.5m
The above measurements are the minimum distance we require as we will not be able to get the inflatable through any gates less than this allowance and any steps or stairs in any location without prior consultation.

6. How long do I get the equipment for?

We have a standard 4 hour hire time Additional hours can be requested or we can leave it with you overnite an overnite charge will apply.

7. Do I have to pay a deposit?

Yes, we call it a booking fee, the booking fee will depend on the amount of items you would like to hire.

8. How do i pay.

Most people choose to pay cash or cheque on delivery. Alternatively, we can accept credit card payments the day prior to the event.

9. What if I need to cancel?

You can cancel at anytime, all we ask is that you give us as much notice as possible and any booking fees paid are non refundable however if you would still like to reschedule we are happy to help where we can to fit you in depending on availability.

10. What if its raining and/or high winds on the day of my event?

On the morning of the event, if it is raining and/or high winds, we will call you to discuss the situation and at this time you can cancel if you wish. most of our inflatables will handle light rain and light winds, however, if the weather conditions are extreme (High Winds/Storms/Heavy Rain) in most cases the hire will need to be cancelled in this case we would refund your booking fee.

11. What if it is hot?

Our inflatables do have rain/shade covers and can be used on days where the temperature is expected to be 36 C. Any surface area exposed to the direct sunlight will be hot and children can jump with socks for added protection. On extremely hot days (over 38c) we may suggest to shorten the hire time. Children should have a break and keep hydrated as much as possible. You may also be able to set up a suitable shade structure close to the inflatable as long as no damage or children’s safety is compromised in doing so.

12. Can the inflatable be set up on a slope?

If it is a very slight slope it may be ok, you will need to discuss this prior to the booking as conditions vary depending on the size of the castle hired and slope.

13. How long does it take to set up/inflate/deflate/pack up the inflatable?

The inflatables take approx 15 – 30 minutes to set up and 15 – 30 minutes to pack up. However this is only an estimate, times may vary depending on which inflatables you hire, access to the location and ground conditions.

14. When I hire the inflatable is there anything I need to provide?

We supply all the equipment you will need for the inflatable, you will need to provide a 240 volt power outlet.

15. Do you supply safety instructions?

Yes we provide detailed safety instructions with every hire in the hire contract and also verbal instructions on the day.

16. Do i need to do anything before the inflatable arrives?

Please check that the area is free from sharp objects and animal waste. The area should be clear of overhanging trees, clotheslines and power lines.

17. Should the inflatable be supervised?

Yes, supervision of children in the inflatable is required at all times.

18. What surface can the inflatable go on?

Our inflatables can be set up on a variety of surfaces. Grass, concrete, paving, asphalt and even half grass and half concrete (As long as where the two surfaces meet is even) the important factor is that the surface is FLAT and has no sharp objects that could damage the inflatable. Please let us know the surface type as different equipment is required for certain surfaces.

19. Can i move the inflatable after it has been set-up?

The inflatable SHOULD NOT be moved by anyone other than an employee of Baileys Bouncers. The inflatable will be set-up with your consultation; once you are happy with the area selected, stakes/or sandbags will be used to secure the inflatable.

20. Can you set-up a inflatable for an event in a park or public Area?

Yes, as long as you have permission from the appropriate authorities. (Local council or Parks Victoria) We will need access to power if no power is availabe a generator will be required a generator fee will apply.

21. Can I extend the hire time once the inflatable is set up?

Yes, you can extend the hire time, but you will need to call Baileys Bouncers 1 hour before pick up to check the availability of the castle. If the extended time goes past 9pm then a overnite fee will apply.

22. Do you have Insurance?

Yes, we have up to $10,000,000 Public Liability Insurance. We are more than happy to provide you with a copy of our cover.

23. Do you have working with children checks?

Yes all of our staff are checked every year.