Dodgem Cars

$5950 inc GST for up to 5 hours

Age: 4yrs +, 120cm minimum height to drive a car, 100cm – 120 cm must be accompanied by an adult

Attendants: 3

Number of Riders:36 per rides(400 per hour )

Area Required: 22.0m x 12.0m

Power: Generator Supplies

Description: Inquire about our dodgem car hire in Melbourne!
Great for kids and adults alike, our dodgem car hire in Melbourne is a popular choice. Riders love the excitement of driving and bumping other cars as they race around our track that has up to 18 cars. Great for parents to enjoy with their kids of for teenagers that are after a bit of competition with friends. Our brightly coloured dodgem car track attracts attention and you’ll be sure to have a line of eager drivers looking to get behind the wheel. To find out more about the requirements you need before hiring or to inquire about the price, please get in touch with us today.